The high-speed palletizer PBL can palletize up to 4,500 bags per hour, while providing high stacking quality and careful bag handling. Filling plants can thus achieve an impressive daily yield.

An impressive aspect of PBL is its ability to achieve very high throughput while maintaining a low processing speed by distributing the flow of bags. The precision and stability of the palletized layers ensure that there are no storage problems and ensure perfect compatibility with subsequent packaging systems.

The system allows you to choose how many rows you want to load on each occasion, ensuring the stability of the load. It can be configured according to the needs of each client depending on the measurements of their bags.

The PBL is controlled from its state-of-the-art SIEMENS PLC and its 12″ touch screen. Among other features we can highlight, maintenance, updates and remote troubleshooting, significantly reducing operating times.

In addition, it has all the first line components, such as SIEMENS, SEW, CONTROL TECHNIQUES (NIDEC), OMRON, SHNEIDER ELECTRIC, Etc …

Types of Sacks

The PBL can load sacks weighing from 25kg to 60kg, regardless our RDI team always there to study different parameters to find other best alternatives.

The most common types of bags that the TBL loads are the following shown below.

Loading capacity

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